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Small Town Moon! - Spektoritis: Discuss [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Small Town Moon! [May. 1st, 2012|07:40 pm]
The Spektorites Commune



Regina just shared Small Town Moon through SoundCloud:

"I'm so excited to share another track off my new record with you all! We stomped and clapped our asses off for this one- i even wore Mike's big boots over my sneakers to stomp louder..... Big big cheers, regi"

Aaaand it's AWESOME. It's one of her songs that really benefits from extra percussion, so I'm glad it got the studio treatment. That'll probably be the last we hear from her before the album drops THIS MONTH on the 29th (unsubtle reminder). But congrats, Spektorites, we have successfully waited another three years without tearing our hair out!!!