Adam (mrhen) wrote in iheartregina,

A second round of questions.

This worked well enough last time, so here is a second round of questions. :)

  1. Does anyone know when the White Sessions were recorded? Someone says 2005.05.04. Can anyone else confirm this? Where were these recorded, anyway? (Left over from last round.)

  2. Which is the proper name: "Ezra Pound" or "Pound of Flesh"? (Unanimously "Pound of Flesh".)

  3. There was a recent request for the cover of "Little Boxes" but the link has expired. What is the story behind this, anyway? Doing some quick searching points me toward the television show "Weeds". Is this track available on an album somewhere? (Multiple confirmations of it coming from "Weeds", and emeraldflame831 provided a new link.)

  4. There is also a reference to a song called "Opposite Ends" by "The Crimea". What is the relevance?

  5. A few tracks from a 2003.05.05 concert are floating about and I was wondering if anyone has the full recording or at least a set list. The quality does not seem that great, but it has "Happy Hooker". (I have a better quality version from 2003.05.11, but I am a digital pack rat.) (sed_eheu provided a link and set list. On the off chance someone has a better quality version, I will this question fresh.)

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