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NPR: Regina Live From Le Poisson Rouge (May 31st, 2012) - Spektoritis: Discuss [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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NPR: Regina Live From Le Poisson Rouge (May 31st, 2012) [Jun. 26th, 2012|10:51 pm]
The Spektorites Commune


Video of Regina performing "Small Town Moon," along with some cute pre-song banter.

I can't embed the audio of the set that was recorded (1 hour's worth!), but you can find it here: 

There is an accompanying article (click on "Read More"), that gives a little more general detail about the set.  I haven't listened to it yet, so I can't give you a set list - I imagine it's mostly stuff from What We Saw From the Cheap Seats.

ETA:  You'll have to go to the NPR page to see the video as well, b/c apparently LJ doesn't like NPR's embed code.  :-|

[User Picture]From: unbridledglee
2012-06-27 06:30 am (UTC)
I love watching her live. :)

and ia on not going to McDonald's. Regina gives so much wisdom.
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